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What is a circular job?

A circular job is any occupation that directly involves or indirectly supports one of the strategies of the circular economy.

Based on the Key Element framework, we differentiate between three types of circular jobs: core, enabling and indirectly circular jobs.

Core circular jobs

Jobs that ensure the closure of raw material cycles, including jobs in repair, renewable energy, waste and resource management. They form the core of the circular economy.

Enabling circular jobs

Jobs that remove barriers for and enable the acceleration and upscaling of core circular activities, including jobs that arise in leasing, education, design and digital technology. They form the supporting shell of the circular economy.

Indirect circular jobs

These jobs occur in other sectors that do not play a direct role in furthering the transition to the circular economy but can still adopt circular strategies. They include jobs that provide services to core circular strategies, including jobs in information services, logistics and the public sector.

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Gain insight in the distribution of jobs across sectors in your city and how they relate to the circular economy.

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Why jobs data?

The workforce is a key lever for transformation towards the circular economy. To tap into this potential, we need data and evidence.

Which jobs are already part of the circular economy?

Where are these jobs located?

How are these jobs distributed across sectors and how are they related to circular strategies?

On Ganbatte, we gather and display data on the number, range and location of jobs that are part of the circular economy around the world, which provides policymakers, economists, and labour organisations with insights into the relationship between circular economy activities and the labour market across economic sectors.

Our data methodology

To provide you with data, we use the Circular Jobs Methodology  . This methodology was developed by Circle Economy and the United Nations Environment Programme. It classifies jobs as core circular, enabling circular or indirectly circular, based on classifying economic sectors of activity according to the Key Elements Framework and studying their interactions using Input Output Analysis.

To see more detailed location-based jobs data, visit the Circular Jobs Monitor.

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The jobs data now available on Ganbatte was collected in partnership with UNEP and comes from various sources.

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