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Below are a few steps you can take towards circularity. By selecting the steps that interest you and submitting the contact form, we can equip you with the right tools or people to continue your circular journey.

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Host a screening of the documentary Going Circular to engage your community in circularity.

Select this item to request a screening

Using our Circularity Assessment Tool you can check how your city implements circular strategies according to the Circular City Actions Framework.

The scan is currently under development. Interested? Check this item and submit the contact form, and we’ll let you know when it becomes available.

To truly solve your city’s climate challenges, you need someone who understands circularity in your context.

We are looking for experts around the globe to help cities implement the circular economy. Many cities already have experts. Get in touch, and we’ll try to find your local expert!

Already taking action?

Inspire other cities through your own practices.

Does your city have practical examples of the circular economy in action? Write up a short case study about your project, policy or strategy to teach and inspire others to join the circular transition.

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The circular economy

To transition to a circular economy, everyone involved needs to understand what a circular economy is. Learn about this economic system where waste is designed out.


Ganbatte helps you explore data-driven insights, solutions, tools and practical examples of the circular economy that can help your city achieve its climate and sustainability goals.

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