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Ganbatte is a mindset adopted by people around the world. Together we make the circular economy work. To create new meaningful jobs and anticipate climate change. Ganbatte.world is here to scale your circular ambitions.

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Ganbatte mindset is everywhere

Our database holds a huge collection of circular practices. It shows that the circular economy is tangible and real. The Key Elements of the circular economy will help you to uncover the success factors of going circular.

Driving the circular economy with data, capacity development and assessing opportunities

Nations, regions, cities and businesses are getting inspired by the ganbatte mentality of citizens and workers. After decades of talking and reporting about sustainable development with the circular economy change is finally at our doorstep

If you want to get started with the circular economy, try the starter kit for your own organisation or help your clients and members to make the first steps.

Ganbatte.world is the digital platform provided by Circle Economy Foundation. Ganbatte is here to enable everyone to get started and make use of the knowledge and expertise that has been built up in 12 years of research.

It is without a doubt that the extraction, production and use of materials in its current form is unsustainable (read Circularity Gap Report 2023). Ganbatte.world will help you to drive the circular economy in your region with insights, data, gamified e-learning and organisational asssessments.

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Job creation in the circular economy will boost the transformation

Ganbatte.world: A feature and data rich platform

“Ganbatte means moving into action, despite the challenges you face.”

To really accelerate circularity globally, we need to leverage digital technology and your local expertise to scale!

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Ganbatte helps you explore data-driven insights, solutions, tools and practical examples of the circular economy that can help your city achieve its climate and sustainability goals.

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